The more credentials, the better ... right? Not always. Learn how to select your IT provider.

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Which counts more - classroom credentials or real life experience?

The answer may surprise you. It's not always text book learning and test taking that counts out in the field. What companies need are IT consultants with real world experience.

At eNet Systems, we understand that you need IT professionals who can interact with business managers as well as IT managers and all levels of employees. You need IT professionals who can work under pressure. You need IT professionals who are responsive and dedicated yet seasoned enough to see the big picture and appreciate the importance of cost appropriate technology solutions in relationship to your bottom line. That's exactly what eNet Systems provides.

Beyond certifications ... important inside information on choosing an IT firm.

At eNet Systems, we understand that it can be difficult to choose an IT firm for your business. There are myriad criteria by which to judge the candidates and it’s not easy to determine which factors should be the most important. As a way to make this process a bit more comfortable for you, we thought we would share some information on how we select the IT professionals that we invite to be part of the eNet Systems team.

We are always willing to interview candidates who we feel will make important contributions to our technology team and help us achieve our mission of becoming a total technology solutions provider to each of our clients. Of all the people we interview, however, we hire only a very small number. To ensure that our potential employees will represent the eNet team properly, we utilize a stringent technical, organizational, and people skills assessment process. Numerous times, we have interviewed candidates who, despite glowing certifications, are simply unable to pass our technical exams. This illustrates the fact that certifications alone are not enough to judge the merits of an IT professional. The person’s actual field experience and people skills must be factored in as well.

How does this apply to you? We feel it’s common for small and medium size businesses to judge a prospective IT firm based on the certifications held by its staff technicians. In today’s technical world, there is an overabundance of available certifications. As this list of possible acronyms grows, the value of each decreases. It’s also important to realize that with the increased trend towards e-learning (online learning), students can often take classes and receive certifications without indepth field experience. These ‘paper certifications’ simply do not provide the experience required to handle high-pressure, real-word, mission-critical situations. Sure, your IT provider must be proficient in technology, but they must also be sensitive to how technology impacts your business.

So when searching for an IT firm to help guide and grow your business, look beyond the certifications. Ask the tough questions and find out if the IT provider really has the experience required to solve your problems. More importantly, do they have the ability to monitor your network and discover issues before they become problems that result in user downtime? Don’t be intimidated by hi-tech buzz words, but ask them to clarify. If an IT firm is truly interested in partnering with your business, they should explain themselves in terms that you can understand. They should also be ready to show their real world experience and not simply paper certifications.

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