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From Project Management to Ongoing Maintenance ...

We know that your number one goal is to run your business as smoothly and optimally as possible. You must concentrate each day on what you do best, not on the latest hardware advances, software upgrades or the newest virus threat. That’s why you partner with eNet Systems, Inc, your total technology solutions provider.

We provide a full range of services from planning and design of your network to hardware and software procurement, to installation, testing and training. eNet Systems, Inc. often serves as project manager to handle related IT projects such as telecommunications and even Voice over IP* assessments and/or installations.

>> Did You Know << - eNet Offers Infrastructure Services
Just getting starting or moving into a new location? eNet Systems offers complete project management services for your IT build out. One phone call ... one point of contact ... one trusted source.

>> New Offering << - eSave Ė Security Analysis, Verification and Evaluation
We know you want to believe your network is secure, but is it really? You probably have lingering doubts that it could really stand up to some serious hacking attempts, but you don't even know where to start. Start with eNet's new eSave program. Our eSave program is an excellent way to get a customized assessment of your unique IT environment – and to learn how to protect it in the most effective manner possible. Special introductory pricing is now in effect - learn more.

>> New Service << - 24-7 ProActive Monitoring
Letís say one of your critical servers runs into a problem overnight and goes down. Without ProActive Monitoring from eNet Systems, you wouldn't realize this problem until you and your entire staff showed up in the morning ready to work. Except no one would be able to work. Imagine all the downtime you would incur that day. Luckily this is all preventable now - learn more.

Design and Installation of Computer Networks:
What type of network infrastructure is best for my business? Is Voice over IP* and voice and data convergence really ready for mainstream adoption? How can I tell if my company data is really safe and secure? These are all important questions and underscore the importance of relying on a trusted IT partner like eNet Systems, Inc. You may even consider us your virtual Chief Information Officer.

  • Audit of current IT infrastructure and determination if systems in place are meeting current and future business needs
  • Recommendations to improve technology situation to better meet business goals
  • Computer Network Planning/Design
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Server/PC Procurement & Installation
  • Routers, Switches and/or Hubs Configuration
  • Firewall Setup and Testing
  • Network Security and Data Protection
  • Remote Office Connectivity
  • Safe Data Sharing between Computers
  • Email Configuration and Support

For your convenience, eNet Systems, Inc. has bundled several common services together in easy to purchase packages. Current offerings include Security Check-Up, Disaster Recover Check-Up and Windows Maintenance Package.

Design and Installation of Phone Systems:

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) or traditional phone systems
  • VoIP Network Assessment *
  • Cabling for phone and data networks
  • Ongoing Support
Data Replication/Backup Strategies:
  • Remote / Cloud Backup Services
  • Backup Methodologies

Hardware Support:
When is it time to upgrade my hardware and software? How can I keep my machines running at optimal performance? Can I get machines on different platforms to communicate with each other? In addition to network design, eNet Systems, Inc. provides computer and other hardware installation and configuration plus ongoing maintenance.

  • Computer Installation and Configuration
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Software Installation
  • Software Upgrades and Patches
  • Ongoing Maintenance
Additional IT Related Services
  • Website design and development, including ecommerce functionality
  • Digital Signage - Do you have a captive audience in your work place? Maybe you have a lobby, waiting area, exam room, or conference room which is frequented by visitors. Have you thought of installing a Digital Signage TV in those areas so you can control the content and promote your business and educate your visitors? Call 281-403-9561 to capitalize on this.
  • Customized software application development
  • Design and installation of whole office sound systems
  • Design and installation of video camera systems
*What is voice over IP?
While voice over IP, or Internet telephony, may seem like a new technology, it is actually in its fourth generation. VoIP encompasses a broad range of communication services including voice, facsimile, and/or voice-messaging applications, that are transported via the Internet rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The newest IP telephony models of hosted and managed services can represent dramatic cost savings for small businesses, multi-tenant locations and enterprise settings.

Now that you know about our services, learn more about how your business can benefit from using these services.

Hurry Houston, get your network in gear for 2005 with eNet Systems Inc., your total technology solutions provider and IT outsourcing firm providing network design and computer support services in Houston. Looking for an IT firm you can really trust? Get started with a free network assessment from eNet Systems. Experience counts when choosing an IT firm. Trust eNet Systems Inc., your total technology solutions provider, Houston IT outsourcing firm, network design firm, computer support firm. How secure is the data on your company's network? Find out with eNet's Security Check-Up.