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10 Pretty Impressive Tips for Office 365

We've gotten such positive feedback for the new Office 365 that we are going to focus on that for this issue. Here are some tips and new features we bet you didn't know.

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1. Edit online documents as a group
Now Microsoft offers real time online editing for Word, PowerPoint or Excel, just the same as Google apps has for years.

2. Link to files, don't attach them
Emailing attachments is so 2012. Now you can upload the file to your Office 365's cloud storage then use the cloud version of Outlook (known as Outlook Web App) to send a link to that online file.

3. Turn notes into calendar items
You can now use Microsoft's note tool, OneNote, inside of Microsoft Outlook. When you write a to-do list in OneNote, you can easily convert it to a bunch of tasks with deadlines and reminders on your calendar.

4. Convert scribbles to text and drawings
Scribble handwritten notes into OneNote on a device that supports electronic ink (OneNote, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.) and it will convert that scribble into something meaningful.

5. Teach your inbox to de-clutter itself
Microsoft has launched a new feature called Clutter to Office 365 users. You can set your mailbox to move spam and bulk email messages to the Clutter folder so your more important messages will pop right to the top of your inbox.

6. Ignore annoying reply-all conversations
Office 365 also lets users select an email thread they no longer want to see (such as group discussions and list emails) and say "Ignore."

7. Add a signature to an email
With Office 365, you can now use DocuSign, a free electronic signature app within Outlook. Say goodbye to the old days of printing documents just to sign them -- and then having to scan and fax or mail them.

8. Turn your mouse icon into a laser pointer
If you are giving a presentation using PowerPoint, and you don't have a laser pointer, you can now turn the cursor of your PC's mouse into a little red dot.

9. Speed up formatting in Excel
Excel has another handy feature called Flash Fill which sees how you are formatting and does the rest for you. Just perform one reformat and when you start on the second cell, Excel displays the whole list, reformatted. Just click to accept it.

10. Edit a PDF file
Have you ever needed to edit a PDF? Now you can easily convert it into a Word document to edit. Just open it and respond "OK" when asked if you to convert the PDF.

Tips provided by: businessinsider.com


Google Updates Chrome
Earlier this month, Google released Chrome 44 which contained 43 fixes for bugs and security flaws. Many of these bugs were submitted by external researchers. One of the more serious flaws had allowed executable files to run immediately after download. Google has a bug bounty program which allows researchers who find flaws to submit them and get a financial reward based on the severity of the issue. So far, around $40,000 has been awarded to security researchers.

Adobe Fixes Flash Security Flaw
As reported on Mashable, Adobe has fixed a huge security hole in its Flash software -- a hole that could allow hackers to execute code on the victim's computer after they visited a malicious website. According to Adobe's security bulletin, the flaw affected Flash Player and earlier versions and could be used to "cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system."


Microsoft Edge Replaces Internet Explorer in Windows 10
Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 10, will feature a new browser called Microsoft Edge which eliminates many of the features that made IE so prone to exploitation. In addition to many technical improvements, Microsoft Edge is set to Protected Mode by default and it no longer supports any toolbars that don't work in Protected Mode.


The High Cost of Healthcare Security Breaches
Too many healthcare security breaches are still occurring, and they cost the industry about $5.6 billion a year, according to privacy and information security research firm Ponemon Institute. The firm found that most data breaches are caused by sloppy practices, such as lost laptops loaded with unencrypted patient data. Other areas of concern were employee negligence, unsecured mobile devices and third-party contractors having access to sensitive patient information from their client healthcare organizations. Is your healthcare IT network secure? We can help you find out.


Let Us Configure your Cloud Backup

We've mentioned in previous issues, that Cloud storage was good (but still susceptible to viruses like CryptoWall) and Cloud backup was even better. So why not let eNet come out and configure your network to backup to the Cloud on a regular basis. Email us today.


Google Maps Introduces Timeline
Google Maps is rolling out a new feature called Timeline which will show you all the places you've been in recent years (when you've had a mobile device and Google Maps activated). Your Timeline is visible only to you and you can delete any locations you like. Those who use Google Photos can also see photos taken at saved locations. Google has also launched a new Web site, privacy.google.com, for those concerned with privacy issues.

Google Gets into the Auto Insurance Business
With its new website Google lets users shop for the best auto insurance policies.


This Month's Feature -- the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
This 13 inch laptop is slimmer than ever because its unique 360-degree fold-back yoga-like hinge has been transformed into a thin strip of watchband-like metal. With Intel's new Core M CPU, the system delivers a good balance of performance, battery life and energy efficiency, often running with minimal or no cooling fans at all. The only possible downside is that battery life is (only) about 6 hours which seems a little less than industry standard these days. However, if that's more than your current unit, the Yoga 3 Pro might be right for you. Call eNet Systems for current prices.