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What's your Password Strategy?

With the vast majority of websites and applications we use every day requiring authentication, the sheer number of user names and passwords we need to remember is daunting. While it can be tempting, we suggest you resist the urge to use one user name/password combination for everything and instead develop a sound, secure password strategy.

General Password Tips
First, we'd like to cover some important tips on what makes a password strong and secure.

  • Don't use personal information like your name, your children's name or your pet's name
  • Don't use actual words like happy, smile, love, etc.
  • While some websites have their own criteria, try to make your password at least 8 characters and include upper and lower case characters and numbers plus non-alphabetic characters if allowed
  • Even if the website or application doesn't prompt you, try to change the passwords to your most sensitive accounts (banking and investing) every 90 days
Of course, you should never give your password to someone over the phone - even to a company representative. And most importantly, don't use the same password for all your online accounts.

With all these suggestions, you may wonder how you will remember all your new and improved passwords. We suggest getting a password vault. Check out this list of options, or ask eNet for our recommendation.

Now for the Strategy Part
Now that you know the basics of a good password, let's discuss some strategy to formulate your password approach. You can consider breaking your passwords down into categories such as banking/investing, corporate VPN logins, personal emails accounts, social media sites and even desktop/mobile programs/applications.

Next you should create the core part of a strong password. It can be the initials of a motto or phrase or something you will remember. For each category you have above, you can create a new set of characters that will identity those types of logins. Finally, for each particular site you visit, you can add a set of characters that will remind you of the site's name. This part of the password would change of course for each particular website.

>>HOW TO<<

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