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Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season

Everyone at eNet Systems would like to wish you, your employees, coworkers, family and friends all the best this holiday season. We're pleased to be in contact with you and look forward to the opportunity to serve your IT needs in 2013.

And speaking of those family and friends, in case you are still trying to find a few gadgets and gizmos, we've found a helpful online source for you.

Check out these gadget gift ideas.

Your Year-End Checklist - Learn from the Leaders
What are you doing now at year-end to prepare you and your business, practice or organization for next year? Learn what the great leaders of our time are doing and see what improvements you can make on your own strategy. Get started now.

Leadership Practices - Out with the Old
When was the last time you evaluated your management practices? Are you still 'leading by walking around?' If so, you might need a refresher. In with the new and out with the old. Review this article and be ready for 2013 with new management styles for the present. Review the 'old school' management practices now.


Computer Network Update Time
With the holidays upon us, we just wanted to remind you that this time of year remains one of our busiest of all. So many companies use this time of the year to evaluate if their current network infrastructure will be up to the tasks of the coming year and make any changes necessary. Please contact us soon to schedule your year-end evaluation session.

eNet Systems, Inc. makes it simple. With our No-Risk Switch, we have a proven system in place to research, document, evaluate and help new clients. Call 281-403-9561 today.

Quickly. Cost effectively. Professionally.

What Makes a Great Boss?
Is one of your goals for 2013 to be a better boss? What even makes a remarkable boss? Find out now.

Ready to Succeed in 2013?
What are you going to do different in 2013 to succeed? Read what some of today's business and thought leaders are doing and borrow from them. Learn more.

It's Holiday Party Time!
It's that time of year again - Office Holiday Party Time! Even though you are stressed with deadlines and ready for the holidays to begin, it's probably best not to let your hair down totally. Here's what not to do.

Silent Night ... NASA Earth images
We've all seen images of Earth from space, but these images are almost always light, daytime images. Recently, NASA released a number of stunning nighttime images of Earth. See them now.