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When Protecting Your Data, it's Best to Have a Unified Approach

Let's talk about effective ways to protect your data from various Internet threats. As we service new clients, it's not uncommon for us to find that some computer users have installed between three to five different types of tools to protect their computers. They may have one tool for viruses, one for adware or malware, one for root kits or similar attacks, one for Trojans and the list goes on. While they may feel fully protected, this is not the recommended strategy for threat management. At times, an improperly managed security platform can be worse than having none at all.

From our experience, effective threat management requires three factors: 1. obtaining the right tools, 2. configuring these tools properly, and 3. educating the end users. As technology advances, sophisticated tools that were previously available only to large enterprises are becoming affordable for small and medium size businesses. These tools combine multiple security features into one device which is simple to set up and manage by IT companies. These types of devices inspect every piece of information entering and leaving your network right at your Internet connection and protect you against attacks, viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malicious threats. Security is therefore increased by reducing complexity. Instead of managing five security tools each with its own login, scan time, and update schedule, effective security is provided by correctly installing only one or two tools.

No security plan is complete without proper end-user education.  In addition to having the right devices configured properly, computer users must be trained on how to identify and avoid various Internet threats while using a computer.  This type of education is a necessity in today’s “highly connected” society and can be obtained from your IT provider or eNet Systems.

Following these suggestions not only yields better security for your computers and data, it also results in lower costs, increased uptime of your network, and enhanced computer performance. So, it’s worth your while to discuss various options available to you with your IT provider or eNet Systems.

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Source: Dell SonicWall


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