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50 Great Tips for Office 2013 and Office 365

Things have truly changed since the early days of Microsoft Office and that is certainly evident in Office 2013 and Office 365 (the cloud-based or hosted version). In this issue, we will cover 10 general tips. In future issues, we will reveal tips for various programs within Office, so stay tuned.

Part One of Five.

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1. Stream Office anywhere with Office on Demand

If your business demands lots of travel and perhaps even use of workstations that are not your own, consider Office 365. It's a cloud-based or hosted solution that you pay for monthly or annually. This way, you use your Microsoft ID and log into Office on Demand to stream copies of your Office apps and even access documents in your SkyDrive. Feel free to contact eNet Systems to help with the purchase, installation and configuration of an Office 365 subscription or Office 2013.

2. Pin favorite folder locations

You can now save your most-used folders to the Open screen in any application. Use the pin icon to the right of a recently opened workbook or folder.

3. Save to SkyDrive

Office 2013 makes full use of your SkyDrive account, so you can save your files to the cloud, access them from anywhere and sync them across multiple computers.

4. Use Flickr and Facebook pictures

In a true sign of the times, you can now drop in pictures from Flickr or Facebook by connecting your account through the Online Pictures option under the Insert tab.

5. Change Office's look and theme

Access the Account page from the File tab in any app to reveal a selection of options for changing the background and theme of the suite.

6. Zoom with your fingers

Using a fancy touchscreen laptop or tablet with Office 2013? Use two fingers to zoom in or out of any document, just like on your smartphone.

7. Add business productivity apps

Office has finally joined the app revolution - visit the Office website to find apps you can run on top of Word, Excel and Outlook. Apps exist in so all categories such as image search tools, grammar tools, flowchart and diagram creators, translators and more.

8. Remove the Start screen

When launched, the Office 2013 apps show a dynamic Start screen by default. To see a blank new document instead, select File and Options, then untick the Start screen option on the General tab.

9. Take advantage of Skype credits

If you've signed up for the subscription-based 365 version of Office 2013, you get 60 minutes of Skype credit free each month.

10. Try a parallel install

You might have already noticed this, but you can keep older versions of Office running alongside the 2013 version, should you need to (with the exception of Outlook).

Tips provided by: techradar.com


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