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Important Tips to Browse the Internet Better and Faster with Google Chrome

Most people view Google Chrome as a light browser and it certainly is; but don't confuse light with lacking in secret time-saving tips. Chrome certainly delivers in that area, and we've got many of them here for you in this issue.

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  1. Drag multiple tabs at once: Just hold the Ctrl key while dragging.
  2. Use Omnibox and Google as your calculator: Google will do basic math entered in search bar.
  3. Convert units with Omnibox: Google will also suggest conversions for units entered in search box.
  4. View images quickly: Need to quickly view a long, lost image on your PC? Just drag it into an open tab of your browser.
  5. Copy and drag to search: When on a website, click any phrase you see to highlight it and then drag it to the search box.
  6. Drag to bookmark: Have a site you visit daily? Copy the URL and drag it to the toolbar for instant access.
  7. Key your way through tabs: Need to read something on another open tab but want your hands to stay on the keys? Press Ctrl and 1 to access the farthest left tab and use numbers up from there to move to the right.
  8. Use keys to scroll: Press the spacebar to move down a webpage and Shift with spacebar to move back up.
  9. Open certain pages at startup: In Settings, go to On Startup and enter a URL.
  10. Force search results to open new tab: If you don't want to lose the information on your current page, hold down the Alt button when you hit return to start a search and a new tab will open.
  11. Re-open closed tabs: Ever close a tab by mistake? We all have. Press Ctrl+Shift+T to open recently closed tabs.
  12. Zoom in or out: Want to see some details on a webpage? Zoom in and back out by pressing Ctrl while rolling mouse wheel up or down ... or press Ctrl+plus sign or Ctrl+minus sign.
  13. Drag link to your desktop: Want to save a URL - one fast way is to highlight and drag it to your desktop.

Our Bonus Tip: Check out the Chrome Web Store
This site is loaded with many free apps including several business oriented apps.

Tips by: pcmag.com

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. If Cardinals personnel are in fact found guilty of this attack, it would be the first known case of corporate espionage in which a professional sports team hacked the network of another team.

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