How to Keep Your Business Up and Running — Safely — During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

... what you need to know about working remotely.

Given the current state of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it is probable that you and your business or organization have been instructed to (or voluntarily chose to) work remotely in hopes of promoting social distancing and flattening the curve of this outbreak. It's also likely that you were not prepared for the sudden shift to a remote workforce. We can help.

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Let's Give our Thanks and Gratitude to All Healthcare Workers

Normally in this space, we detail the latest cyber threats to the IT systems of healthcare organizations. Today, however, the threats faced by the healthcare workers who remain in the front lines of this pandemic are more real, more urgent and more dangerous. They do not have the luxury of working remotely. They must show up and work long hours in contact with the sick and infected and often do so without enough protective gear. Please join us today in sending them our thanks and gratitude — but of course, in a virtual, remote sort of way.

New Products

A Word of Caution about New Products and Orders

If you've walked into a grocery store lately, you know some things are in short supply. Given the situation in China right now, it may be possible that technology related items will be affected in the future. If you are considering any IT upgrades in the near future, please contact us with plenty of lead time as there may be delays in order fulfillment.

Security Update

Beware of COVID-19 Phishing Scams

Sadly, as this Coronavirus crisis continues, so does the threat of cyberattacks related to the virus. Hackers are sending out phishing emails trying to entice users to donate money to help victims or to track the spread of the virus in your local area. These emails contain links to websites loaded with malware. Hackers have even created malicious apps claiming to track the virus. So to summarize, don't click links in emails and don't download any new apps. If you want the latest news, go to the trusted sites you know such as the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the New York Times and/or your local news sources.