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Integrating Causes:
Toys, Technology and a Whole Bunch of Healthy Kids

It's important for an IT company to act reliably and promptly with system maintenance, whether it's integrating a new computer, securing your files, or making sure your business systems are running most efficiently, but what about the systems and networks that span beyond business and technology?

Recently, eNet Systems took part in helping GoodNeighbor Health Care Center, a nonprofit agency that helps those in need of healthcare, regardless of income. Covering a variety of fields, including women's care, dentistry, eyecare and pediatrics, GNC addresses the needs of the human system, ‘optimizing’ the health of the local community by reaching out to those who normally would not be able to seek care for their basic needs.

All of us at eNet Systems would like to thank GoodNeighbor Health Care for the vital service they provide and acknowledge how important their function is to the human network.

eNet Systems Welcomes New Team Member
In regards to the human network, eNet’s own network has just grown with the addition of Johanna Rice as our administrative assistant. Some of you may have already noticed a new voice answering the phones. Originally from Northern California, Johanna moved to Texas at the start of the New Year and joined eNet’s ever growing team in January. She is very glad to have the opportunity to work with a dedicated group of people, including those that work for eNet and the businesses they serve.

So Happy Networking - on all levels - from eNet Systems. Should you need assistance with new installations, backing up files or network optimization, our team is ready to provide the quality service that has become our trademark.

Have a networking need? Call us today at 281-403-9561 or email us now.


Outsourcing IT Services Still on the Rise
According to a survey from Bluewolf, the outsourcing of IT related services is expected to grow for the foreseeable future. Instead of staffing full-time IT personnel, businesses view outsourcing IT services as an effective way to receive the very latest technology when they really need it. Companies also say they value the recommendations from an outsider's perspective.


Internet Explorer 10 Now Available for Windows 7
When IE 10 was first released, it was available only for Windows 8, but on February 26, Microsoft released an IE 10 version for Windows 7. This update is said to be faster, more stable and far more standards compliant than IE 9. In fact Microsoft claims it to be 20% faster than IE 9 on Windows 7 and 60% more standards compliant.

Voice & Data Communications

When was the last time you consulted with your IT firm on your communications needs? Connectivity technology is constantly changing and advancing. Products and options that were once only available to large enterprises are now available to small and medium sized businesses. Wouldn't you like to get faster and more reliable Internet service while keeping your monthly costs down? If your CBeyond, AT&T, Comcast, Verizon Wireless, or other phone and Internet contract is coming up for renewal, please let your IT firm or eNet Systems explore your options. We can assist you in finding the best plan for your office. We provide this consultation as a no-charge service so you get the fastest and most reliable phone and Internet service. Email us today to get started.


Don't Ignore the Latest Flash Update
Adobe Systems released an emergency update on February 26 that resolves three security issues, two of which had already been exploited by hackers. Even though it's the third update of the month, you don't want to pass on this one. Read more or download the security update.


Mobile World Congress
Couldn't make it over to Barcelona for this year's Mobile World Congress? It was filled with Android devices, supersized smartphones, Jelly Bean, the new Firefox OS and much, much more. Here's a great wrap up of the event.