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Hurricane Season Starts in June - Is Your Network Ready?

If you've run a business or organization for some time here in Houston and/or Southern Texas, you already know what season is coming. And no, we are not talking about summer; we're talking Hurricane Season. If you are by chance new to this region, now is the time to secure your IT network and infrastructure for potential damage from a strong and long hurricane season.

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Assess & Prioritize
Before you plan to back up every byte of data in your business, do an assessment and determine exactly what data is mission critical and which applications absolutely must function at all times.

Protect your Data
Your company or organization should already have a backup strategy in place. If not, eNet Systems can help you. If your backups are local only, we strongly suggest that you use an offsite location and/or the cloud for a secondary backup.

Check your Power & Cooling
All your critical machines should be hooked up to a UPS unit which will keep your systems running until the main power is restored, a secondary power source is deployed or at least until you can safely power them down manually. Your cooling systems should also be hooked up to backup generators to avoid temperature spikes which can cause critical IT issues.

Appoint a Disaster Team
If you don't have an inside staff of IT professionals to form your Disaster Team, then team up with a trusted IT firm like eNet Systems.

Document Procedures & Test Again
Draft a disaster recovery plan and be sure it is well documented step-by-step. Make the time now to test your procedures in simulated emergency situations.

Find Telecommunication Alternatives
During previous hurricanes, many organizations lost access to reliable telecommunications for days. Consider establishing call forwarding or other options to avoid business downtime.

Form Close Relationships With Vendors
By forming and maintaining close relationships with IT vendors you can expedite disaster recovery.

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Add Battery Life to your Laptop with Zolt Laptop Charger Plus
This 3-inch, 3-ounce device may be one of the smallest items we have featured, but it sure is a powerful one. The Zolt Laptop Charger Plus is a laptop charger that might actually replace the bulky brick that shipped with your laptop. The Zolt delivers 70W of power and can twist 90-degrees while plugged in, which saves space on a surge protector or outlet. It has three USB ports: one for laptops, and two for smaller devices. The Zolt can charge all three simultaneously, automatically determining each device's energy requirements. Full review.


Google Offers New Tool to Combat Phishing
Google has launched some new software for its Chrome Web browser that aims to combat phishing websites, a dangerous scam used to trick people into sharing their passwords. Password Alert, the new feature, will prompt Google account users when they enter their Google password into a fake Google sign-in page. It's estimated that 23% of people actually open phishing messages, and 11% of those actually click on attachments with malware, according to Verizon Communications Inc.
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Healthcare Cybercrime Price Tag Could Reach $2 Trillion
A new study published by Juniper Research examined the costs associated with healthcare cybercrime and what it will cost companies on a global scale. Corporations might pay more than $150 million per breach by 2020 for a total in the trillions. The report found that the majority of these breaches will still occur in IT and network infrastructure and not via mobile devices. eNet Systems can help your secure your IT healthcare network.


Back up to the Cloud before Hurricane Season

If you've been considering the best time to start your cloud backup strategy, that time is now - before Hurricane Season starts in June. Let eNet Systems begin your cloud backup strategy now. Email us today.


NSA Data Collection Ruled Unconstitutional
Earlier this month an appeals court ruled that the National Security Agency's (NSA) collection of telephone metadata was not authorized under section 215 of the Patriot Act. So will the program really end? The government has until June 1 to either refashion section 215 or force the NSA to end its data collection program.


Evernote Adds Features
Evernote, a business collaboration tool, has always offered sharing of notes and notebooks, but now it's Work Chat features lets users message either single users or entire groups. A new feature called Context (available to Premium users) adds context (news stories / web links) to the information you have posted and shared. (Context is available for Mac, iPad and iPhone apps and coming soon to Windows and Android.) Whether you use the mobile app or the desktop program, Evernote can enhance your business collaboration on the go.