Let's Improve the Working from Home Routine

... tips and tricks to perfect the art of remote working.

So it's been a couple of months and the work-from-home trend is still going strong. Some businesses may start going back to traditional office work, but others are keeping their employees home for the rest of 2020. Some companies such as Twitter have even announced that some positions may switch to remote working permanently. Given this news, it's time to perfect the work-from-home situation — and we can help.

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Small Hospitals & Practices Beware: You are the Preferred Target!

Studies have revealed that small hospitals and healthcare centers are becoming the prime targets for ransomware attacks, mostly because hackers believe they are more likely to pay the ransom demand. The vast majority of reported healthcare ransomware attacks — about 70% — affect facilities with fewer than 500 employees. Research has also shown that these healthcare attacks have increased 35% between 2016 and 2019.

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How Can We Help You?
We know that all businesses these days are in a different situation regarding remote or in-office working. And furthermore, we know this situation changes rapidly as well. Whatever your position, we just want you to know that we are here for you. We are fully functional and available during normal business hours for all your IT needs. Please call us at 281-403-9561 or send us an email if you need help setting up your employees to work from home or for any IT issue.

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Need to Upgrade your Remote Working Equipment?

Back in March, when businesses of all types shifted their workforce to a remote setting, no one knew how long it would last. Now that it's been a few months, some companies such as Twitter have indicated that some employees are free to work remotely on a permanent basis. Others report that working from home will continue for months and perhaps even the rest of the year. With that in mind, is your current setup adequate? If you or your employees are working from home for the long haul, let us evaluate your equipment to see if an upgrade would boost your productivity.

Security Update

Experts Warn Against Paying the Ransom Following an Attack

New research from industry experts confirms that paying ransomware attackers can actually double your total amount paid and won't necessarily ensure a smoother recovery. In the State of Ransomware 2020 report, industry researchers surveyed 5,000 global IT decision makers across a range of industries. Researchers found that 51 percent of these organizations faced a ransomware attack within the last year. In the US, 59% fell victim to an attack. On the bright side, 25% of those interviewed were able to halt the attack before all their data was encrypted. The report concluded that on average, the data recovery cost in the US – without paying the ransom – was more than $732,520. This included business downtime, lost orders, operational costs, device costs, and other expenses. Yet when the organizations paid the ransom, the total recovery costs nearly doubled to $1.4 million.