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Tips for Proper Email Etiquette

Here are some handy suggestions to keep in mind before you hit the Send button.

  1. Keep attachments small - many people may not like getting large attachments, and some companies limit file type and size on attachments.
  2. Use "reply all" with caution - before you reply to everyone on the email list, ask yourself if everyone truly needs to know. Chances are they do not.
  3. Don't let email replace the phone - email is quick and convenient, but remember that some important and sensitive conversations are better handled via the phone.
  4. KISS - as in writing letters and papers, the KISS rule applies with emails. Keep it Short & Simple. Don't write paragraphs of copy, don't bury the main point halfway down and don't make your email a burden to read.
  5. Always use an email signature - don't make people hunt for a way to contact you.
  6. Use BCC to hide large groups - if you are sending to a large group, either use a distribution list or BCC so all recipients don't see every email address.
  7. Don't send chain letters or virus warnings - no one wants to get an email forcing them to send another email to 10 people and leave the virus warnings to the IT professionals.
Part Two of Two
This collection of tips on email etiquette came from Inc.com and Microsoft.com.

The idea for this feature story came from one of our clients, Chuck Osterhaus from ThermoTemp, Inc. Thanks Chuck, and keep those great ideas coming.


Windows 8.1 release brings back the Start button
The much anticipated Windows 8.1 update is out, and it's gotten some pretty good reviews.
  1. Improved customization of the start screen - now you can choose from different size tiles and also view apps in a variety of ways.
  2. Powerful multitasking - now you can resize snapped windows any way you like - not just 50/50 or in thirds.
  3. Quiet hours - turn off your app notifications if you like.
  4. Boot to desktop and start button - you now have the option to bypass the Start screen and go right to desktop.
  5. Better SkyDrive integration - use SkyDrive with ease now thanks to better integration with File Explorer.
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Adobe breach much larger than initially reported
By now, you've probably heard that Adobe was victim to a cyber attack in which hackers accessed customer data from nearly 3 million accounts as well as the source code to Acrobat, ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder. What you may not know is that the breach actually affected either 38 or 130 million customer accounts (depending on your source) and some of the source code for Photoshop, the company's flagship product. Even more startingly, sources have discovered that the most popular user password on the Adobe site was 123456. Read more here.

>>HOW TO<<

Protecting your online privacy
These days, keeping a low profile on the Internet is not just wise; it's essential. The Adobe article above is case in point. Here are four tools to help you in this important quest.

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Cryptolocker malware
The Cryptolocker ransomware just won't go away and now it's evolved again. The pesky malware now offers victims a "late payment" option for those who let the 72 hour payment window pass. Read more. However, instead of being forced to one day pay $2000, why not start Remote Backup Services with eNet Systems so your data is always safe, secure and redundant. Call eNet at 281-403-9561.