October 2016

Mobile Banking Apps — Is the Convenience Worth the Risk?

Whether you do it for business or for personal reasons, chances are good that you have used a mobile banking app in the past. In our busy society, the ability to multi-task and pay bills or transfer money while we are waiting in line for our morning coffee is just too good to be true. We think back to the old days when we had to rely on the online banking website at our business or home computer to check our account balances and process payments. However, does all this convenience come with a risk? Is your mobile banking app safe or are you putting your personal information in jeopardy?


To find out more about the risks of mobile banking apps and how to use them as safely as possible, continue on to our website. We'll even provide a bonus link to an article to help you safeguard your Internet-connected devices.

eNet News Desk

Moving to a New Office Soon?
Whether you are expanding into a larger office or consolidating into a smaller one, you will need IT infrastructure services during your move. In addition to designing computer networks, procuring hardware and software and proactively monitoring established networks, eNet Systems also handles the cabling and other preliminary requirements that must be met before the computers arrive. Learn more about our Cabling and IT Infrastructure Services.

eNet Healthcare News Desk

Research Shows that User Training Helps Reduce Risks of Ransomware

Research is showing that it's not enough to install firewalls and antivirus software to guard against ransomware attacks. Comprehensive and regular user training, coupled with additional measures, is key in safeguarding your network and sensitive patient information. eNet Systems can help. Email us about our free Internet Security Class or customized user training.

News Desk

AT&T to Buy Time Warner in Hopes of Becoming Telecom-Media Giant

Just a year after purchasing DirecTV, AT&T has agreed to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion. If approved by government antitrust enforcers, this would be the biggest deal of the year and give AT&T control of cable TV channels such as HBO and CNN plus Warner Bros. and additional media assets. With its wireless phone and broadband businesses slowing a bit, AT&T has been attempting to acquire content to stream over its network.

Microsoft Shares Hit All-Time High

Thanks to its cloud business, shares of Microsoft Corp. traded Friday at an all-time high of $60.45. It's been nearly 17 years — during the dot-com boom — when shares were anywhere near this high.

Hot New Products

Lenovo's Yoga Book 910


The Yoga Book 910 may be a sleek laptop, but it's also a powerful one. It's all-metal unibody design and ultra-thin bezel will catch your eye, but its fast performance, high-definition display, and immersive sound will help you enjoy working like never before. Weighing less than a pound and a half, working on the go will be snap. Even your login is faster and more secure — just swipe the Yoga 910’s fingerprint reader for simple, secure access.

Security Headlines

Hacked Products from Chinese Manufacturer Used in Friday's Cyberattack

As reported on Computerworld.com, a Chinese electronics component manufacturer says its products inadvertently played a role in a massive cyberattack that disrupted major Internet sites in the U.S. on Friday. The attack started on the East Coast Friday morning; but before the day was out, it affected sites on the West Coast, Houston and to a lesser degree, Europe. This attack, called a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), targeted Dyn who hosts the Domain Name System (DNS) files for many major websites. DNS is like a phonebook for the Internet. Without it, your computer doesn't know how to connect to any given URL that you type into your browser. To coordinate the attack, hackers gained access to millions of Internet-connected cameras and other devices and used them to flood Dyn's network with artificial traffic, essentially knocking it offline, along with all the websites whose DNS is hosted by them. The manufacturer of the exploited devices said on Sunday that weak default passwords for its products were partly to blame for them being used by hackers. According to security researchers, malware known as Mirai has been taking advantage of these vulnerabilities by infecting the devices and using them to launch cyberattacks, including Friday’s outage.

Software Updates:

What's New in iOS 10?

Here's a partial rundown of the new things you can do with iOS 10.

* Take your texting to a whole new level with many exciting features in iMessage, such as writing in your own handwriting, sending animations that fill the screen, adding some personal touches, putting stickers on text bubbles and replacing words with emojis even faster
* Get help from Siri directly in other apps
* Make dinner reservations or catch a ride — all from Maps
* Use Maps to get you there faster by rerouting you around accidents, construction and other traffic issues
* Control your Smart Home with the new Home app
* Wake up your phone just by picking it up
* Keep enjoying 3D Touch in apps like Calendar, Weather and Stocks
* Stay in the know with rich notifications
* Save time with contextual predictions — meaning your iPhone will predict how you might want to respond to a text or email and offer you some options
* Use Apple Pay on the web for a safer buying experience
* Relive your memories with a more powerful Photos app