When you run your department or business, it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. Even when you start early and end late, there’s always something else, another e-mail or task, nagging for your attention. If you want to be productive, and ultimately successful, it’s important to prioritize what tasks you’ll allow to fill your schedule. Not everything needs to be or should be done by you; it can be delegated.

Easier said than done. One of the issues we frequently see business managers and owners struggle with is delegating the tasks they shouldn’t be doing. “It’s faster if I just do it” and “they won’t do it like I do” are two statements we often hear. For some tasks, that’s probably true, and those should stay on your plate, but when it comes to IT and technology, there are always several tasks business managers/owners are doing themselves that they could and should hand off to someone else.

Some are obvious, like network security which should be placed in the hands of a qualified IT department.

However, there are dozens of other to-dos that you might not realize you can hand off to your IT team. Here are 10 tasks you can delegate to your IT team so you can focus on running your business.

  1. Fix or Optimize Wi-Fi – If you don’t have good Wi-Fi coverage in some areas of your office, warehouse, or manufacturing plant, don’t just plug in a retail store bought wi-fi extender, which can not only compromise your wi-fi security, but also cause network related issues.  Let your IT team suggest and install the right equipment appropriate for your office.
  2. Install and Set Up Microsoft Teams – If you’re using tools like Zoom, Slack and project management software, moving to Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity. It facilitates direct communication, project management and collaboration and has over 1,900 applications you can use. IT professionals can set all this up for you and train your team how to use it properly.
  3. Manage User Access Permissions and Credentials – Managing new and terminated employees is more than an HR task.  Your IT team can handle getting new employees their correct user access, and immediately revoke access for terminated employees.
  4. Procuring and Provisioning Devices – Purchasing new computers and routers at a retail outlet or online, not only results in a mix/match of incompatible devices, it also introduces consumer level devices into your business’s professional environment.  If you need laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices, etc., ask your IT team to provide specs and source the items for you at a good price.  Your IT team has relationships with manufacturers which allows them to purchase business level IT equipment at great prices.
  5. Cabling and VoIP Phones – Voice over IP Phones and other cabling tasks fall under your IT teams responsibilities these days.  VoIP phones work over computer networks and your IT team can help you evaluate, purchase, and install cabling and VoIP phones for your business.
  6. Set Up Dual Monitors – Want to increase productivity and efficiency? Your IT department can suggest and set up dual, triple, or quadruple monitors, correctly hooking everything up, so your team can come in and start working instead of trying to it themselves.
  7. Speed Up Computers To Run Efficiently – If your computer is running slow, don’t go to Google looking for tips, and then accidentally mis-configuring something. Call your IT team. They can identify what’s holding your computers back, or if you need a new computer, to improve your productivity.
  8. Install E-mail/Spam Protection – Receiving too much spam and malicious emails?  Check with your IT team.  They can usually customize anti-spam settings to your needs.
  9. Configure Office Equipment – Need a new printer?  Instead of running to Office Depot and picking up a printer which may not be 100% compatible with the rest of your network, give your IT team a call to discuss your needs.  They can usually recommend good printers and can also procure and set it up for you.
  10. Cyber Security Training.  These days, each one of us has to stay vigilant about security of our networks and computers.  But how do we know that our employees are aware of the latest cyber threats?  Ask your IT team to setup and manage cyber security training for your employees.

And the list goes on. Your IT team can also aid with HIPAA, CMMC and PCI compliance, file sharing for external/remote access users, data loss recovery plans, office relocation, cabling and so much more. Most business managers and owners we consult with, are surprised by the number of responsibilities a technical team can take on beyond just managing networks.

The best thing to do is meet with your account manager regularly, and if you’re not a customer, then book a FREE Network Assessment. During these meetings, our team will look at your entire system for areas of improvement. We conduct a full review of your network and provide you with a plan of action to optimize your network for productivity, efficiency and security.

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