Company That Cares About You

If you want an IT company that cares about you and responds in a timely manner, then call eNet! They help us create the best working website based on our needs. eNet Systems responds quickly to fix any problems we have and checks to make sure everything is working properly to avoid problems in the future. I just send them an email and I get help the same day. They keep me updated and follow up to ensure the issue has been resolved. We have been with eNet Systems for over 15 years and many more to come.

Administrator Optometric Society
Houston, TX

Solid Support, Responsiveness, Competence

I had eNet from the very beginning and it has worked well.  Having just one IT company who is very familiar with our IT set up is so valuable. They provide us with consistently good service. eNet helps us set up, maintain, manage, and if needed upgrade everything on our systems. We can count on eNet to be our one and only IT company.  Whenever we need anything, I call, email, or text them!  Our long-term relationship is mutually beneficial.  We have been with eNet for almost 15 years!  Their advantages are solid support, responsiveness, competence and having the same technicians for years who know your system well.  They have been around for some time and will be in the foreseeable future.

Practice Manager Family Practice
Houston, TX

Response Time is Lightning Fast

Before we found eNet we were constantly going from one IT company to another for support and paying high “emergency” prices. Now we just call, email, or text when any concerns come up and they quickly direct us to the department that best suits our needs. We have an automatic discount for any help we require.  What is different about eNet compared to other IT firms is that their response time is lightning fast.  Constant updates to our systems keep us running smoothly.  Now we have no more worries when our server or network needs service.  It’s a no brainer!

Optometry Practice Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

Very Quick Response

eNet provides very quick response to our IT needs. They are great to work with.  They drive to us or use remote connection to solve our technical issues. When we have new employees, they are quick in setting up the account, mailbox, and programs so we save time!  eNet recommends the best possible solutions for our IT needs while keeping our down time and costs in mind. They manage all of our servers, network and computers.  We have been with eNet for over 10 years and would tell anyone on the fence to definitely choose eNet!

Accounting Manager Advertising Firm
Sugar Land, TX

Makes My Company Feel Safer

eNet makes my company feel safer and they even provide Internet Safety training for our employees! My programs are in the cloud and this one time when my internet went down after some bad weather, they drove out to my location and worked with our internet provider and electric company to get my internet back up. eNet understands we need technology to do business so they make sure our technology is always running smoothly. They help maintain and manage all four of my locations. For each location, eNet customized their service to fit the needs. Their dedicated staff and customer service care for all our technology needs. eNet provides valuable service.

Owner Eye Care & Eyewear Office
Atascocita/Spring, TX

Customer Service Will Not Disappoint You

Whether it’s a big or small issue, Ash’s team diligently takes care of the problems for us.  They not only provide us with IT care but also handle all technology related installations including recommendations for other services and vendors, such as VoIP phone systems.  They save us time and money. eNet also helped relocate our office to a new location and setup everything for us before we moved in.  We have been with eNet for over 10 years because of their great customer care and services.  Their customer service will not disappoint you.

Manufacturing / Fabrication Houston, TX

More Consistent for Budgeting Purposes

We chose eNet because they are personal with their clients. There was a time when we decided to go with a much larger IT company because we thought eNet was too small for our needs. After our experience, we returned to eNet because they appreciate the value of each account. They provide more than just a helpdesk answer person. We can discuss new technology, growth or contraction plans, new office construction, telephones, connectivity, and more. They focus on the size of the customers that fit their culture and market.  They thrive in markets like healthcare, manufacturing, and service companies. I’ve found Ash’s team to be knowledgeable and I can depend on them to make the best technical decisions for our company.  After moving to eNet’s Managed IT services, our biggest benefit is being more consistent for budgeting purposes. With other IT companies, we never knew what we will end up being billed. eNet is consistent and fair in their work at a reasonable rate.  With eNet taking care of us, we never have to worry, and this allows us to focus on our business.

President Calibration Lab
Houston, TX

They know about a problem before we do!

eNet Systems supplies comprehensive service to us.  In addition to providing quick repairs and problem solving, they continually monitor and evaluate our IT network.  In fact, they often know about a problem before we do.  Additionally, they are a valuable resource when it comes to making decisions about equipment, service providers, and the growth / evolution of our systems. The eNet staff members do a great job of conveying IT concepts and information in layman’s terms.  This ensures we always understand the situation and make good business decisions regarding our network.

Ash and his team excel at providing rapid response whenever we need them – day, night, and on the weekend.  I would say that eNet Systems has been an excellent choice, because they provide the total package:  timely repairs and fixes, vigilant monitoring, and strategic planning.  They make sure that our IT system is functioning at an optimal level both now and in the future.

Executive Director Public Access TV & Radio
Houston, TX

Their biggest benefit is security of our systems

We have been with eNet for over 15 years and I would never want to change that.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  There are so many benefits of working with Ash and his team.  They provide more than just IT technical support.  They listen to our needs and address them quickly and efficiently; all with a personal touch. With their Managed IT Services, they know about most issues before we do. This has been a lifesaver on so many occasions.

If you’re on the fence about getting eNet to manage your IT systems, I would tell you to make the change; you will not regret it.  I can’t even begin to give all the reasons why changing to eNet is a no brainer. Just do it and you will never regret it, and you will wonder very soon why you stayed with that other company or IT guy for so long.

Manager Manufacturing/Fabrication
Alvin, TX

They are transparent about their costs and service

One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen while working with eNet is that they are transparent about their costs and service descriptions.  You know what you’re going to get and there are no surprises.  We have 100% confidence that all the services they listed in the agreement are truly being delivered.  When we signed up with eNet, we told them what our constraints were.  They designed and installed a complete network within the parameters we gave them and then created a support plan customized to our needs.  What I like about them is that they don’t try to up-sell you.  Instead their focus is on delivering what’s been promised.

They are a real IT firm, not like the one-man shop who does IT support part-time.  They are competent in setting up and maintaining offices and clinics and they do it the right way.  I know this because I have an IT background myself and I see how they setup and manage our network.

Dental Practice Spring, TX

We get immediate response to our urgent IT needs!

I feel that we have a real partnership with eNet Systems.  Not only they take care of our technical needs, but they frequently come by to discuss options and make recommendations.  We have been doing business with Ash’s team for over 9 years and what I like about them is that several of their staff members have been with them for a very long time.  We really get to know the people we are working with and they truly understand our office and our needs.  Whether we’re adding more equipment, have new requirements, or expanding our offices, they help us with all aspects of technology.

The biggest benefit we’ve realized is that we get immediate response to our urgent IT needs.  We can call them anytime and each time we get someone who understands our business and our needs.  They strive to help and resolve our issues quickly.  We receive such high level of service that we can’t even think of switching to anyone else!

Optometry Practice Webster, TX