To help make this collaboration seamless, Google has made some key additions to its Google Workspace platform in recent months. One example is a Google Docs update that gives you easier access to the platform’s smart chip technology.

What are smart chips? How can they help your business? Read on to learn more about the update and how to use Google’s new features to give your business an edge.

Google Docs Smart Chips: What Are They?

Smart chips aim to make it faster and easier to create smart documents, including link previews, tagging people, inserting dropdown menus, etc. It’s more interactive. 

For example, when you move to a blank line and type “@” on your open Google doc, you’ll see options to easily search or insert various “smart chips” into the document.

The company says the idea behind the Google Docs update was to enhance productivity. It should save time when you or your employees create new docs, sheets, and slides. The move also brings the tech giant’s smart canvas features (helpful templates) to the forefront of your workday.

Ways To Use Smart Chips To Increase Your Business’s Productivity Day to Day

Smart chips aren’t new in enabling valuable, context-setting information. However, the recent update makes accessing a wider choice of data a little easier. It could help your business make better data-driven decisions in the following ways:

  • Data Extraction: Add information about people, events, and files to your Google Sheets
  • Place: Insert information about relevant locations
  • Finance: Insert currencies, stocks, and mutual funds

Additional Smart Canvas Features To Keep Your Work Flowing on Google

Smart chips aren’t the only thing the recent update improves. Here are a few additional features the “@” button gives you easy access to on Google Workspace:

Custom Building Blocks

Does your job feature common tasks that need to be accomplished? Building blocks are reusable components you can quickly access from the “@” menu. An example would be a standard meeting minutes template.


Handling invoices and contracts can get tedious. Variables simplify your workflow by allowing you to pre-define and insert placeholders like {client name} from a single document.

Emoji Chips

You and your team can express yourselves in documents you are collaborating on more precisely through emoji reactions.

Creating the Perfect Doc Has Never Been Easier!

Google’s collaboration-boosting features now bring several features into the mix, including the eSignature tool available in Google Drive and Docs. This recent Google Docs update promises to make documents even more informative and easier to customize, thanks to smart chip technology. That means creating the perfect document is now a real possibility for every one of your employees.


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